Coverage Dates for Legislative Information

What information is available on the versus

Consult the table below for start dates for each collection. Additional Congresses and collections will be added to the beta site over time. Use for information not yet available on Information older than collection start dates on may be available only in print.

Start Date on
Start Date on
Legislation - Metadata 93rd Congress (1973) 93rd Congress (1973)
Legislation - Full Text 103rd Congress (1993) 101st Congress (1989)
Congressional Record 104th Congress (1995) 101st Congress (1989)
Member Profiles 93rd Congress (1973)
Some members from 71st to 92nd Congresses (1929 to 1972)
Not available
Committee Reports 104th Congress (1995) 104th Congress (1995)
Nominations Coming Soon 100th Congress (1987)
Treaties Coming Soon 94th Congress (1975)
Senate Executive Communications Coming Soon 96th Congress (1979)
House Executive Communications Coming Soon Not available