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(House of Representatives - April 25, 2013)

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                        GET RID OF SEQUESTRATION

  (Ms. JACKSON LEE asked and was given permission to address the House 
for 1 minute.)
  Ms. JACKSON LEE. The simple question is asked, why are we in such a 
dilemma of complexity and absolutely abandoning the American people? 
That's what sequestration is all about.
  And I know it's hard to tell a story again, but sequestration came 
about because a whole sizeable population of Members, Republican 
Members, did not want to pay America's bills.
  But we can, as a bipartisan, collective body that responds to 
America, avoid the loss of 2 million jobs and a .6 percent drag on the 
economy and $67.8 million lost for primary and secondary education in 
Texas, $51 million lost for education of children with disabilities, 
and 4,800 Head Start seats lost. We can come together.
  We can pass H.R. 900, which gets rid of the sequestration, or we can 
call for the budget conferees to, once and for all, address the 
question of America.
  The reason why we have a slowdown of FAA, it's because the people are 
furloughed. You can have 50,000 FAA air traffic controllers; but if 
they're furloughed, they can't work.
  Let's work on behalf of the American people--have the budget 
conferees now pass H.R. 900, get rid of the sequestration.



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