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(House of Representatives - October 13, 2011)

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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from New 
York (Mr. Crowley) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Speaker, we are now more than 275 days into this 
112th Congress, and the GOP leadership has put forward zero American 
jobs bills and outright rejected consideration of President Obama's 
jobs proposal. So if jobs aren't at the heart of the Republican Tea 
Party's agenda, what is?
  Passage of anti-labor legislation to weaken the rights of middle 
class workers and encourage the shipping of jobs overseas. Check.
  Passage of anti-middle class legislation to raise taxes on 
hardworking families. Check.
  Passage of anti-environment legislation to roll back clean air 
standards. Check.
  Passage of anti-education legislation to slash Pell Grants for 
middle-income students to afford college. Check.
  And later today, passage of its seventh anti-women's health measure. 
Today's bill will put the government in the middle of American's health 
choices and allow hospitals to refuse life-saving treatment to women.
  Every day it feels more and more like the movie ``Groundhog Day.'' I 
wake up hoping it will be something different, but it's the same scene 
played over and over and over. The Republican Tea Party agenda stuck on 
repeat might satisfy the extreme right wing, but it neither satisfies 
nor helps hardworking Americans.
  It is time for the GOP leadership to learn a lesson from ``Groundhog 
Day''--the only way out of it is to do better.
  The American people don't want token legislation, extreme 
partisanship, or sideshow politics. They want

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real solutions, real jobs, and a real vision. They want a vision for 
America. A vision for America. And like the movie, they are desperate 
for a new day.



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