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Introduced in House (07/09/1992)

Mandate and Community Assistance Reform Act - Title I: Termination or Suspension of Unfunded Federal Mandates; Consolidation and Simplification of Planning and Reporting Requirements - Requires termination or suspension of an unfunded Federal mandate, or the consolidation or simplification of an associated planning or reporting requirement, upon a recommendation to the Congress to that effect by the Commission on Unfunded Federal Mandates (established by this Act). Provides that all such recommendations shall take effect automatically unless the Congress enacts a joint resolution disapproving such recommendations within 60 days of their submittal. Sets forth guidelines for congressional consideration of the Commission's recommendations.

Title II: Commission on Unfunded Federal Mandates - Establishes the Commission on Unfunded Federal Mandates to: (1) investigate and review the role of unfunded Federal mandates in relations among local, State, and Federal governments; and (2) study and make recommendations to the Congress regarding the termination or suspension of a certain number of unfunded Federal mandates, or the consolidation or simplification of associated planning or reporting requirements. Requires the Commission to recommend to the Congress also: (1) a process by which State and local governments can participate in meeting national domestic objectives without the burden created by unfunded Federal mandates; and (2) those programs currently funded, operated, or administered by the Federal Government which the Commission determines would be operated or administered more effectively and efficiently by States and localities, without increases in State or local government obligations or outlays.

Provides for termination of the Commission. Authorizes appropriations.

Title III: Integrated Federal Assistance - Community Assistance Improvement Act of 1992 - Enables local governments to integrate federally funded programs under community-based assistance plans tailored for their distinct needs and constituencies and structured to address problems affecting low-income citizens that cross existing Federal assistance categories. Provides for payments to local governments of amounts available under a covered Federal assistance program for use in accordance with an integrated assistance plan approved by the Interagency Review Council (establish by this Act). Provides that eligibility for benefits under a covered Federal assistance program under an approved integrated assistance plan shall be only in accordance with the plan.

Details the process for applying for approval of an integrated assistance plan. Specifies application and plan contents. Provides for implementation of approved integration assistance plans.

Requires a local government applying for approval of an integrated assistance plan to establish a Community Advisory Committee. Requires the Committee to advise a local government in the development and implementation of its integrated assistance plan. Authorizes the Interagency Review Council to provide for technical assistance to a local government in developing information necessary for the design or implementation of an integrated assistance plan for which approval is sought under this Act. Sets forth guidelines for local governments to request such assistance.

Establishes the Interagency Review Council for the purposes described above.

Title IV: Estimation of Legislative Impact on State and Local Governments - Amends the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to: (1) strike language stating that cost estimates are required only if submitted in a timely manner; (2) require that a cost estimate accompany the conference report of legislation; and (3) require budget reconciliation instructions to direct any committee receiving such instructions to include in any reconciliation legislation carrying them out a Congressional Budget Office estimate of the total cost of their provision.

Title V: Regulatory Flexibility Analysis - Amends the Regulatory Flexibility Act to modify provisions respecting judicial review of agency rules.